You've worked hard to build your business.

Let us help you attract and keep customers.

Your products and services can't impress until a customer walks through your door or calls you. But advertising is expensive.

With ShopHereGETPAIDSM, you don't pay for a typical advertisement. You pay for a verified customer — in other words, only when your ad gets results. And you can control the amount of money you spend each week by setting a budget.

  1. Place your ad on our local website, with name, address, business category, and a brief text description.
  2. Offer cash back for a purchase or visit ($0.25 to $1 or more).
  3. Verify customers by purchase amount or order ID.
  4. Control your spending via a weekly budget, per-customer usage controls, and a minimum purchase amount (if desired).
  5. Get customer names and email addresses for your marketing efforts.
  6. Pay only when customers verify. Our base service fee is $0.75-$3 per verification, plus the cash back to the customer. The return on investment (ROI) is immediate and simple.
  7. We'll market the website. You help us with promotion.